In which I try to get back what is rightfully mine. Or: Pay me what you owe, Dave Hexom!

September 20, 1999
I am still trying to collect my money from Dave Hexom. It wouldn't be prudent to discuss what I'm doing. He's a tricky enough thief to avoid the court papers that were served. He has disconnected all of his phones, people at his address claim that he doesn't live there, and his mail has been forwarded to a Post Office Box. Does this sound like an honest businessman to you? I don't think that he is going to own up to his legal obligations and pay me. I think that I'll have to use every legal method available to make him pay.

Here is a list of case file numbers in which Dave Hexom is a defendant. There are 34. This guy is a real loser.

January 1, 2001

This came from Dave's family. It's not a bad letter and I felt sympathetic. I wrote back, asking for help finding Dave since that would save bothering Mary, that being the right thing to do blah blah blah blah. No response. None whatsoever. Apparently the real message was for me to eat my $1600 and shut up because being related to a thief is uncomfortable. Again, I certainly don't think that this is their fault, but harrassing the victim is not exactly a sterling quality. It kinda poured salt into the wound. Something to consider if you ever find yourself in their shoes.

Funny thing is that I had never contacted Dave's family.

Date: Mon, 1 Jan 2001 12:55:26 EST

My name is Chris Sarkinen, and I am the brother of Mary Hexom. Mary is married to Eric Hexom, son of David Hexom. First, I wanted to say that I am sorry that you ripped off. I have had lost money that I could not afford to, and I know how frustrating it can be. Like you, I went through the court system (for personal satisfaction as much as the money). I won the case yet since Ronald Gansen was unemployed, I could not collect. It is an upsetting story, but that is not why I am writing you.

I am writing to you about Eric Hexom, my brother in law. My family is full of doctors, lawyers, social workers, cpa's and teachers. High achievers are my family norm. Eric Hexom is a wonderful addition to the Sarkinen family. He is one the kindest, most honest people I know. I trust him with my life. He is one of the hardest working people I know.

My sister Mary one day confided in me. She told me about this web site and phone calls they get. People are looking for Dave. You and I know that Eric could not pick who his parents were. I kindly encourage you to track down the money you legally and morally deserve, but please do not contact Mary or Eric as a conduit to Dave. Dave's mistakes are his alone.

Thanks for your consideration,

Chris Sarkinen
5th grade teacher
Bloomfield Hills Michigan


To be continued...

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