Name: Bill O'Hanlon
AKA: Billio
Dated: May 1984 -August 1987
How it Began: I went to Fran & Brian's basement apartment in Dinkytown. Bill was there. Fran was playing Loderunner and I was giving him shit cuz it was boring.
Birthday: Heh. I don't remember. I'm kinda surprised.
Blue Oyster Cult, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Deep Purple, Ritch Blackmore
Books: We both read science fiction like maniacs.
Presents: Completed my Blue Oyster Cult collection in vinyl.
High Points: Sleeping on Fran and Brian's couch. Kissing at the U in the spring.
How it Ended:
Was an ever increasing putz until I left. Then he seemed surprised.