Name: Charles
AKA: n/a
Dated: 1987 - 1989?
How it Began: He worked at Haagan Daz where I got off of the bus every day after work. I'd stop in to hang out.
Birthday: November, 1963
Talking Heads, 10,000 Maniacs
Presents: Onkyo 6-disk pack CD player. It's still working 12 years later and counting.
High Points:
Driving around with glow-in-the-dark rubber suction bugs stuck all over the inside of the car.
Sour Notes: Waiting for Mr. No Show working late at Best Buy. Trying to pick a place to eat when he was hungry.
Stories: Back in high school Beth and I used to ride around in Charles' car with Dave V.W. He took us across town to a Byerly's with a lobster tank.
How it Ended:
It just didn't work.