Name: David Wieken
AKA: Dave Wieken, Wieken
Dated: October 1st, 1982 - July 28th, 1984
How it Began: Dave was one of the guys who gamed when I wanted to go out with Thornton. I thought that he was really interesting. I wanted to go out with a coupla guys from school so I planned for a bunch of people to go out to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show after the homecoming football game. David was an outside shot when I called to invite him. He asked to pick me up which is an offer hard to turn down when you still have to beg your parents for the car. Plus, hey, the guy volunteered to drive. That had potential. I agreed on the condition that Beth could come with us. All of us at the movie were the year behind him in high school so he only really knew me. Apparently there was some chemistry cuz we were holding hands by the end of the movie and all of the way home. In the Ford Granada. The Wiekens liked Fords. Beth asked pointedly to be dropped off first - she's quite the friend. Dave and I made out in my parent's basement until my mom kicked him out. He asked me to see Pink Floyd The Wall the next day.
Birthday: June 1964.
The Who including Pete Townshend solo, Blue Oyster Cult, Pink Floyd especially Wish You Were Here and David Gilmour solo.
Movies: Pink Floyd The Wall, Song Remains the Same, 1941, The Kids are Alright, and many more...
Stephen King Four Seasons
Presents: A gold heart necklace with an arrow through it. There's a diamond on the arrow. He never said a word about it.
High Points:
Laughing at farts after he wiped out doing the AYH Iron Man. Also, when he rewound the 1941 scene where Dan Acroyd shouts "I'm a bug" so that I could watch it over and over.
Sour Notes: We were paired for his brother's wedding and he didn't speak to me the night of the rehearsal or introduce me to a single relative at the wedding even though we'd been going out for almost two years.
How it Ended:
He left for one last summer working at camp. I understood the camp thing completely, but he was so mean about it; he seemed to think that I'd tell him not to go. Beth and I had a blast that summer. He seemed hurt when he found out I was going out with Bill, but he hadn't been even civil for months. It wasn't meant to work - we just weren't comfortable together. It always felt tense. But I will always think that he was a really cool guy.