Name: Francis Edward Arend Keys Jenson
AKA: Fran
Dated: See Jim
How it Began: We met in a computer chat room in 1982. We hit it right off, but the timing was never right to go out officially.
Birthday: June 1964.
Huh. None. We didn't have a music kinda relationship.
Movies: Heh. Grease II. Poltergeist. Bad movies, lots of making out during and after in the car. Jim would ask me to see a Tuesday $1 movie with him. I'd call Fran and announce "Jim and I are going to a movie this Tuesday. What do YOU want to see?". After getting stood up several times by Mr. Thornton I refused to wait at home for him to call.
Books: Huh. Again, none.
High Points: The big marker fight at his grandparents' house. Then he drew a snake wrapped around my leg.
Sour Notes: It was ugly living with him and Bill at the U. At his worst Fran can be a bitchy queen.
I kinda miss him.
Stories: Fran was going out with BK and we went to a movie with Jarb and Todd. I spent the night avoiding Jarb's wandering arm while Fran made out with BK in the back seat all night. I got the worst headache of my life cuz of the tension from avoiding Jarb. Poor Todd nearly lost it when I refused to sit by Jarb in the car - I took pity and relented.
How it Ended:
Years later, Fran was cheating on his fiance and I refused to go to the wedding. We didn't talk for five years. Then we did, and now we don't. He just kinda disappeared.