I tried. Didn't happen. These are the ones I remember, and am still willing to admit.
Name: E. Swenson
When: Elementary School
Height: 5'2"
How We Met: Ms. Neimi's 3rd grade class. I don't remember a single conversation that we ever had. He liked whales.
Name: Greg Rife
When: July 24th, 1982 until, uh, maybe 1994?
Height: 6'4"
How We Met:
I was at an MTHHP (MECC Type Haha Party) with Fran and his cousin Mike.
Name: Bob Mayer
McCloud Coat Volleyball Tournament thru August 1994.
How We Met:
We met playing in a co-ed volleyball tournment on a team that a friend had put together. We didn't win, but I had a really good time at the bar after the tournament. And, hurray, Mike asked me to come play pickup at Longfellow.