Name: Jim Thornton
Dated: May 1982 -July 1982
How it Began: Gaming in Dennis' basement. I used to see him running around inside after school wrapped in sweats trying to lose weight for wrestling.
Height: 5'8"
The Clash "Magnificent Seven", Blue Oyster Cult "Veteran of the Psychic Wars", Elvis Costello "Truth", Adam Ant
Movies: Excalibur, Conan
Books: Bahahahaha. Okay...probably the closest possibility would be Necronomicon. I still haven't read it, but if I do I'll think of Jim.
Presents: Toe Clips, no straps. Still on my old Raleigh 10-speed.
Sour Notes:
One of my favorites is that he asked his English teacher/friend/advisor for advice about our messy breakup and the guy was my teacher again two months later.
I was listening to Adam Ant cuz I knew that he liked it, but I lied when he heard it over the phone and asked about it.
Stories: I never did get to see "Monty Python's Life of Brian".
How it Ended:
I got a dear jane letter from the army. "Two months before I left for the army I started seeing my old girlfriend".
High Points: Even before that I was making out at $1 Tuesday movies with Fran on the nights that Jim stood me up.
Scared the piss out of me popping up out of a pile of sweaters in the Dayton's flagship store downtown Minneapolis.