Name: Ludwig John Yurgin
AKA: Lud Richards,Luddie, El Fudge-mo, Fudge
Dated: April 1982. Vacation boyfriend. Met up again 10 years later. I saw him twice around that time: mmmmmmmm kissing...
How it Began: Jellystone Campground in Kissimmee Florida. I was there with my family, he drove down with two friends.
Birthday: March 1963.
6'4", 6'8" ten years later.
Meatloaf "Bat Out of Hell", Firefall "Cinderella"
Movies: None
Books: Heh. None.
Presents: I have a bunch of letters. And a few marriage proposals. Kinda terrifying and thrilling when you're 16. Very flattering.
High Points:
Kissing him again 10 years later.
Sour Notes: He coulda gone either way between me and Debbie in Florida, and ten years later he would taken any of my friends if they'da had him.
Poor Beth had to put up with me going on and on about this vacation boyfriend. That was the beginning of our friendship. Poor Beth.
How it Ended:
He used to call or show up just when I really wanted to find him. I haven't heard from him for a coupla years now. He's kinda like a guardian fairy who goes away when you don't really need him anymore.
Update: He called in January 2003. Yea! It'd be nice to see him again sometime.