Cheesy Videos
Last Update: 30 January 2005

Kathy's apartment #1 - Castro (1.3Mb)
Chuck Brodsky in Santa Cruz (1.3Mb)
San Francisco Gull in Charge (1.3Mb)
Accidental Earthquake Video (1.3Mb)
Apartment #2 - Broderick (744.k)
Jellies at the Montery Aquarium (5.2 Mb) Wonderful, but turn off your sound. Huh - this file may be broken.
Apartment #3 -Marina (1.3Mb)
Apartment #3 - Bubbling Toilet (120k)
Sea Lions (344k)
Hummingbird (344k)
Ship Under Golden Gate Bridge (712k)
Driving Down Lombard (1.3Mb)
Apartment #4 - Walkthru (968k)
Driving Home with Dad (1.8Mb)
Apartment #5 - Walkthru (1.3Mb)

Niagara - Horseshoe Falls (1.8Mb)
Niagara - Maid of the Mist (1.8Mb)
American Falls (1.8Mb)
Niagara - Top of Horseshoe (1.8Mb)
Niagara - Horseshoe Mist (1.7Mb)
Niagara - Aerocar (1.8Mb)
Niagara - Aerocar (Doug) (1.8Mb)
Niagara - Butterfly Conservatory Turtle (1.8Mb)
Niagara - Butterfly Conservatory (1.3Mb)
Reception Contra Dance (120k)
Short, but one good chicken grumble (1.8Mb)
Chickens coming down ramp, lots of good grumbling (5.2Mb)
Cross Keys Motel Room Star Trek Lock (1.8Mb)

Roger Snarfing Carrot (345k)
Roger Washing & Sneezing (344k)
Lily Weaving (344k)
Lily Playing With Keys (344k)
Blue Bathing (1.3Mb)
PeeWee and Ling Fighting to Bathe (1.3Mb)

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