Kris' Truck Gets Tailed

Last Update: 7 June 2002

One night I was going to an early volleyball game. I made it through a light, but had to stop quickly because traffic was backed up to the intersection. The driver behind me tried to make the light too, but didn't realize that she had to stop right away. She nose-dived her Nissan hatchback under the bed of my truck, mangling the bumper on the way. Everyone was startled, but noone got hurt. Her car was totalled, my truck was good enough to get to volleyball after the cop left. I think that I only missed part of the first game.

When her car went swimming under mine, the box flexed up and dinged my cab. The frame rails under the box were also bent, but not enough to make it dogtrack or anything. And the bumper was totally trashed. The insurance claim was enough to buy a sawzall, a new bumper, and some left over because Doug did all of the work.

I didn't think to take any pictures. Owell!

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