Kris' Truck Gets Totalled
February 2002

Last Update: 7 June 2002

Doug and I were both working east of the city so we were carpooling to work. There had been a bad ice storm over the weekend. It had rained, then the rain froze, and it had snowed on top of the ice. We were going down a hill, several blocks long, toward the freeway when the light turned red. We slid 1/2 block. The road was completely iced over. A school bus in front of us slid too, but managed to stop on clear asphalt just before the intersection. We slammed into the bumper of the bus. Just as we came to a stop, the blazer behind us slammed into our bumper. The first collision pushed in the whole front of the truck, mashing the grill into the radiator and the radiator into the fan. The second collision dinged up the back of my box and broke out the lights on one side, hardly fatal but inconvenient to repair.

Noone was hurt. The school bus wasn't even scratched, and the blazer's grill and front bumper got beat up.

A cop was already nearby writing up another accident. He came over and wrote up ours. I tried to stay out of traffic cuz I didn't want anyone to slide into *me*. The cop called a towtruck because we didn't think that we could drive the truck. The towtruck dropped the truck in front of the house.

Turns out that it could drive after all, just so long as you didn't let it get too hot since the radiator was a gonner. The wheels turned just fine, and everything else was basically working. Doug drove it into the garage and began a long ponder about whether it could be fixed. He also started stripping off parts and accessories.

Since neither Doug's truck nor my Pontiac really fits into the garage, there was no hurry. A year and a half later we decided it wasn't worth fixing.


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