If A Tree Falls on Kris' Truck
Does It Make A Sound?

Last Update: 7 June 2002

There was a very bad storm here in May a few years ago. Doug and I were up out of bed to make sure that the windows were all closed. I didn't have my glasses on, but I could see Bill's tree from next door falling down towards our house. I shouted to Doug to run because I was afraid that the tree was going to come through the roof into our living room. Well, it didn't. It fell toward the street and squashed my truck. We went outside in the pouring rain to take a look. None of the windows got broken, which was quite a surprise. Neither were the axels broken. The truck was just kinda crumpled and...pressed down. The next morning, a neighbor and the city guys trimmed off the major branches with chainsaws. Then the city guys lifted the tree off of my truck with a pincer claw thing attached to a big truck. The truck popped right back up! The suspension was okay, the box didn't rub the wheels, and everything looked workable even though a little smushed. Some modification was required to fit my wooden topper over the dent. We added a wood extension to drop down over the crease, and filled the dent with weird expanding foam stuff from a can.

I drove it that way for a coupla years. That is until the fatal sandwich, but that's another story.


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