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Last Update: 26 May 2003

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Exercises 1

  1. Description: My first applet.
    Run the program:
    Results: Uh, it doesn't actually WORK, but I needed to do this test to find out.
  2. Description: create two-dimensional array of students' grades. Display information about the grades.
    Program Source:
    Run the program:
    Results: Again, it doesn't seem to work online. It does run on my machine locally. I need to look into this...UPDATE 24 May 2003: It may be a problem with the version of java supported by my browser. The program does run for some people.

1The exercises listed here are from several books I am using to learn Java. Some have been modified by me for practice, but all were inspired by one of several texts including the following. "Java How to Program" by Deitel and Deitel; "Mac OS X for Java Geeks" by Will Iverson..

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