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Kris' Page
Reading List
Reading List (JSP - Broken 6/2014)
Reading List (Obsolete Version)
Movies I've Seen
S10 Pickup Truck Tales
My Truck Getting Tree'd
My Truck Turning 100,000 Miles
My Truck Traveling
My Truck Totalled
My Truck Towed
My New Pontiac
The Ex Files
Dogtown and Z-Boys
Cheesy Videos
Bugwalk Exercise
Bugwalk Exercise (unformatted)
AJAX Exercises
Teaching Myself Java
JSP Exercises
JavaScript Practice Exercises (obsolete)
Dave Hexom Stole My Piano

America's Next Top Model (Current)
America's Next Top Model (Cycle 4)
Martin Sexton Tape/Trade

Photos (see Pictures above instead)
Grandma J.
Geese at Lake Como
Baby Goose Hunt
Brush With Fame Photos
San Francisco April 2003
Pennsylvania August 2002
San Francisco March 2002
San Francisco August 2001
San Francisco February 2001
Salt Lake City December 1999
Leslie and Niagara Falls Vacation October 1999
Beth Goes to Alaska Vacation June 1999
Florida Vacation May 1999
New York City Vacation April 1999
Bangkok Vacation December 1998
Bangkok Transcript December 1998
Europe Vacation February 1996

Obsolete Photo Albums
Quilts (obsolete)
The Great Attic Expansion Project 2005/2006 (obsolete)
KA and Dad in London (December 2006) (obsolete)
KK and KA in AK 50 by 40 (October 2006) (obsolete)
KA and Dad in Los Angeles (February 2006 (obsolete)
ASK4Mickey (September 2005) (obsolete)
San Francisco November 2004 (obsolete)
Alexandria July 2004 (obsolete)

Our Page
Our Old Home Page
Adventures with Nikka
Our Birds and Other Pets
Lily's Baby Pictures
Lily's Shower Pictures
Murrie's Animated Eggs
More Budgies
Barney Speaks
The Boys
Alexandria July 2004
Pennsylvania August 2002
San Francisco August 2001
Florida Vacation May 1999
Kris and Doug Slots (in progress)

Doug's Page
Doug's Cars
Aberdeen Proving Grounds
Princess Leia's Secret Identity

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