Dogtown and Z-Boys
Last Update: 19 June 2010 (corrections 30 Jan 2016)

"Dogtown and Z-Boys" is the best movie I've seen in the last two years. The official website is where there are over 100 pictures and 5 video clips. Also check out I am trying to figure out the complete movie song list, in order as they appeared in the movie. What I've gotten so far is below.

Update: Corrected two errors in song list.
Added Massive Attack Exchange at 56:22/20 and 122:15/27 to replace the previous incorrect references to Fila Brasilia/Brazillia Harmonicas Are Shite. Thanks to Edward B. for catching the error. Now I'm not sure if Harmonicas Are Shite is ever heard in the movie. Exchange does not appear in the DVD movie credits. A Wikipedia entry for the movie includes both songs. I added a note about these issues below.

Update: Wes Humpston Bulldog Skates Deck
Sometime in the middle of 2007 my sister started telling me about "the best present...EVER" that was coming for Christmas. She didn't get the deal pulled together in time, but she kept talking about it. In April 2008 I got a BIG BOX in the mail. It turned out to be a Wes Humpston deck - VERY LIMITED 30 year anniversary model (only 30 with the sprayed rails and flames) which were never offered for sale and available only to "the inner circle". I dunno exactly how we qualified as "the inner circle" but I do know that a chandelier, an iron gate, and a dog door were involved. Anyway, here's a snap of the deck. Kewl, eh? Did you notice it was me?? Tee Hee.

Songs in the credits, which I can't find in movie

Songs in movie which I can't ID
There are also several songs in the movie which I was unable to identify. They are listed below along with the songs I have figured out. My apologies for the pathetic descriptions of the unknown songs. Songs marked with an asterisk (*) are on the official movie soundtrack CD. The times listed are when each song starts in the movie.

If you have any more information or questions, please email me.

Artist/Song What's Going On in the Movie
(DVD Clock/Chapter/Description)
1 *Jimi Hendrix: Ezy Ryder. :28/1 Opening scenes.
2 *Joe Walsh: Rocky Mountain Way. 4:39/2 Zooming into map of Dogtown from space.
3 Black Sabbath: Paranoid. 5:44/2 In the 70s surfers were dropouts. The Zephyr Surf Shop was founded.
4 *James Gang: Funk 49. 6:49/3 More about Jeff Ho & Zephyr Surf Shop.
5 David Bowie: Rebel Rebel. 8:09/3 Jeff Ho is an eccentric surfboard shaper.
?? - ?? Thumping Drums, like hard core surfer music w/guitar. 8:55/4 Wall art tradition of local guys, low riders and hot rods affected the Zephyr surfboard art style.
?? - ?? More soothing plucked guitar, melodic. 9:51/4 More about the surfboard style coming out of the Zephyr Surf Shop.
6 Black Sabbath: Into the Void. 10:10/5 The Dogtown style was like "debris meets the sea".
7 Herb Alpert: A Taste of Honey. 11:22/6 Pacific Ocean Park and its history.
8 Emilio Pericoli: Volare. 12:20/6 People playing at the beach.
9 Sneaker Pimps: Six Underground. 12:34/6 Pacific Ocean Park became run down and seedy. In 1967 it closed.
10 Blue Oyster Cult: Godzilla. 13:58/7 The Cove, what it was like to surf there.
11 Led Zeppelin: Achilles Last Stand. 15:08/7 Locals only allowed to surf the Cove. There were only ten waves every fifteen minutes.
12 *Iggy & The Stooges: Gimme Danger. 17:36/8 The clubhouse environment at the Zephyr Surf Shop.
(repeat) Herb Alpert: A Taste of Honey. 20:04/9 Zooming in to pier and beach.
13 The Lively Ones: Surfrider 20:22/9 60s beach scene with guy combing ducktail.
14 Jan & Dean: Sidewalk Surfing. 20:52/9 In 1963 skateboarding began to emerge as its own sport. Sean Penn's cough.
?? - ?? Big Band / Marching Band 21:52/10 Hula Hoop Contest
?? - ?? Basic, simple guitar rock, no words or singing. 22:19/10 Making your own skateboard out of clay wheels and wood.
(repeat) Herb Alpert: A Taste of Honey. 23:21/10 Cadillac wheels change the way people skate.
15 *Rod Stewart: Maggie May. 23:57/10 Skating afternoons on Bicknell hill near the Zephyr shop.
16 *ZZ Top: La Grange. 25:29/11 Seeing Larry Bertelman and copying his style on the ground.
17 Robin Trower: Hannah 26:49/12 Mapping out the 4 schools with asphalt banks.
18 David Bowie: Aladdin Sane. 29:05/13 Style was everything.
19 *Alice Cooper: Generation Landslide. 30:29/13 Each Z-boy had his own style.
20 Aerosmith - Seasons of Wither. 32:56/14 Birth of vertical skating, urban guerillas, worst drought on record.
21 Ted Nugent: Cat Scratch Fever. 33:52/14 Pool riding.
?? - ?? Wailing guitar with drums. No singing. 35:25/15 Covert pool riding.
22 The Pretenders: Bad Boys. 36:16/15 The water had to go and the pool had to be ridden.
23 Ted Nugent: Wang Dang Sweet Poontang. 38:42/16 Pool riding - any kid could be king for a day.
24 Pink Floyd: Us and Them. 40:52/16 Slow-motion pool riding footage.
(repeat) *Iggy & The Stooges: Gimme Danger. 42:58/17 Urethane Wheels prompt groundswell of skateboarding enthusiasm. The Zephyr skate team uniform - t-shirt, dark blue vans, levis.
25 Herb Alpert: Lollipops and Roses 45:51/18 1975, Bahne skateboards and the Del Mar Nationals.
26 The Stooges: I Wanna Be Your Dog. 47:10/18 The Z-Boys make an impression at the Del Mar Nationals.
27 *T Rex: Children of the Revolution. 48:36/18 Skip Engblom puts on his best pimp gear and asks for their trophies.
28 Jimi Hendrix: Foxey Lady. 49:25/18 Jay Adams is first of the Z-Boys to skate at Del Mar Nationals.
29 *Thin Lizzy: Bad Reputation. 50:38/18 The rest of the Z-Boys compete at the Del Mar Nationals.
30 The Tramps: Disco Inferno. 52:08/19 The Zephyr Skate Team gets recruited by other companies.
?? - ?? Quiet drums & hollow sounding tubes or something. 52:36/19 Zephyr team members move on to other sponsors.
?? - ?? Electric-y guitar fades in and out, bongo-y drums, no singing or people singing drawn out "heys", eventually the guitar "shimmers". 53:55/20 1975, Skateboarder magazine is resurrected and Craig Stecyk photographs the Z-Boys.
?? - ?? Opera singer. 55:55/20 Stills of pool skating.
31 Massive Attack: Exchange.
This replaces the previously incorrect entry - Fila Brasilia/Brazillia: Harmonicas are Shite.
56:22/20 Craig Stecyk's photos really show what the skating was like.
32 Peter Frampton: I'll Give You Money. 57:22/21 Z-Boys get paid to ride skateboards.
33 Alman Brothers: One Way Out. 59:25/22 Stacy Peralta tours the world skateboarding.
34 Buzzcocks: Fast Cars. 101:41/22 Tony Hawk and the Bones Brigade.
35 Neil Young: Old Man. 103:56/23 Jay Adams retrospective.
36 Jimi Hendrix: Freedom. 105:16/23 Jay Adams is an original.
37 Fila Brasilia/Brazillia: Subtle Body 107:26/24 Jay Adam's regrets.
38 Led Zeppelin: Hots On For Nowhere. 112:16/25 Tony Alva retrospective.
39 Jimi Hendrix: Bold As Love 118:20/26 How the Dogbowl got started, kid asked dad to empty the pool so his friends could skate.
40 Aerosmith: Toys in The Attic. 119:12/26 Skating all day in the Dogbowl.
41 *Ted Nugent: Motor City Madhouse. 120:13/26 Pushing each other in the Dog Bowl.
(repeat) Led Zeppelin: Achilles Last Stand. 120:58/26 Tony Alva does first front side air.
(repeat) Massive Attack: Exchange.
This replaces the previously incorrect entry - Fila Brasilia/Brazillia: Harmonicas are Shite.
122:15/27 How the Z-Boys changed skateboarding and took it to a new level.
42 Devo: Gut Feeling. 126:58/28 End credits.

*These songs are on the official movie soundtrack.

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