What I've Seen

Movie Count: 12


  Drop Dead Fred 1991-06-04 Maplewood
  Only the Lonely 1991-05-30 Har Mar
  Truly Madly Deeply 1991-05-29 Uptown
  Festival of Animation 1991-05-17 Suburban World
  La Femme Nikita 1991-05-16 Uptown
  F/X2 1991-05-12 Pavilion
  Awakenings 1991-04-03 Har Mar
  Silence of the Lambs 1991-03-17 Maplewood
  The Hard Way 1991-03-10 Maplewood
  Sleeping with the Enemy 1991-03-06 Har Mar
  King Ralph 1991-02-19 Maplewood
  Once Around 1991-02-18 Har Mar