Kris and Doug's Slot Game

Last Updated: 18 June 1999

How to Play
Use your browser's "reload" function to get a new set of pictures. Okay, it's not much like slots, but you get to see Kris and Doug! The "spins" will be slow until all 12 pictures have loaded. After the pictures are loaded it should be faster because the pictures will reload from your cache. Read below about my plans to make this more like actual slots.

Hisory of this Code
This game is written JavaScript so that I could learn the language and practice my coding. The game performed slowly from the get-go, and I hope to add a lot more features which will only make it slower. This is because JavaScript is not the optimum language in which to implement this type of game. But since the whole point is for me to practice JavaScript coding...TOUGH!

Upcoming Features (I hope)
- Pre-Load all 12 pictures so first "spins" don't have to wait for them to load
- Add "Spin" button
- Determine odds and awards
- Document and display odds and awards
- Program odds and awards
- Display Score
- Add "Bet" button
- Add sound

I referenced "JavaScript for the World Wide Web" by Tom Negrino and Dori Smith, and "JavaScript Bible 3rd Edition" by Danny Goodman.

Technical Information
I used JavaScript (see Netscape Communicator), Microsoft FrontPage 1, BBEdit Lite 3.5, Fetch 3.03, Adobe Photoshop 4.0, Netscape Communicator, a Kodak DC210 Plus Zoom digital camera, a UMAX S-12 scanner, and probably others that I've forgotten.

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